Thursday, 22 July 2010

I'm back baby!

Wow, it's been over a year since i last posted on my blog, you can blame my terrible memory for that, very soon after my last post i not only forgot my password but the actual address of my blog as well! I think i need to trade in my brain and get a new one, would anyone be willing to adopt a slightly worn out brain? I'll pay you very generously in biscuits (my favourite form of currency).
Okay okay, enough of the biscuits. What's happened in the last year of my life? I hear you ask.
Well here is a brief summary:
Many, many doctors, hospitals, tablets, medicines, injections and tests. Being poked, prodded, analysed, misunderstood, confused, lost, found, understood, angry, happy, sad, sleepy (very very sleepy) stressed, anxious, content, loved, confused, confused, confused and oh yeah confused.
I have, been to a party (the first one in a long time), taken hundreds of photos on my camera (mostly flowers), bought a laptop, broken my printer, been to Norfolk, fallen in love, consumed a mountain of biscuits (I'll be any one's for a packet of Shortbread), drank an ocean of green tea, had a meal with all my family, had my hair cut scarily short, nearly broken my toe after i dropped a glass bottle on it (then i went and dropped something on the other toe the day after, clumsy oaf!), been to the cinema, had my letters published in my favourite magazine (Doctor Who Magazine, I love Doctor Who), had problems sleeping (again), made some lovely new friends and bought far to many clothes and shoes.
Well that's your update, I'll see you again in another twelve months....................only joking, you're not getting rid of me that easily! Muhahahahaha.